Difference between islam and Buddhism

  1. Buddhists don’t believe in any  creator deity  and consider the difficulties in life are  part of living and believe human desires are the main cause of suffering ,while Muslims believe in creating problems for themselves and others.
  2. Buddhists believe in peaceful living on earth,while Muslims believe in fighting and dying for their religion in jihad   and getting a place in paradise or heaven( jannath) ,where 72 virgins are waiting for them with pussy’s wide open.
  3. Buddhists consider all human lives as precious,while Muslims believe  non – muslims are of low status(Dhimmi).
  4. Buddhists avoid war and destruction  ,while  Muslims believe that god loves those who fights for him.
  5. Buddhism is a religion of peace while Islam is a religion of peace and terrorism.
  6. Buddhists have charitable organizations , while Muslims have charitable and terrorist organizations.
  7. Buddhist don’t care whether their religion is growing or not ,Muslims believe in increasing the number of followers   by increasing muslim population  and through conversion of non muslims .

So feel the difference for yourself , have a beer and continue life  on earth …or be ready to die as a suicide bomber and join those afghan ,pakistani terrorists buried six feet under earth(‘Paradise’).

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